Cos'è Miani Venetian Jewlery?

Miani Venetian Jewelry is a small artisan shop in Venice, located in Cannaregio district.
Walking along Strada Nova, heading towards the Rialto Bridge, you could find a small window, inside you will find countless shelves full of glass jewelry and intricate Murano glass sculptures.
The owner is Nicola Miani, who opened his first glass shop in 2003 with his sister Elena in the Ghetto Novo. Craftsmanship has always been inherent in the family.
The grandfather worked with leather, while the father created silver frames and jewelry boxes. Her mother designed miniatures and floral decorations with glass enamels, an art she later taught to Nicola. Elena, on the other hand, has learned the traditional techniques to produce glass beads, working for some years in a well-known Venetian company.
As handicrafts have been a part of their lives, they believe that handmade is worth the effort and that nothing done industrially can ever compete.

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