Chi è Alessandro Moretti di Costantini Glass Beads?

The Costantini Glassbeads by Moretti Alessandro, born in 2006, comes from a long family tradition that has lasted for almost a century, first with his great-grandfather Ubaldo then with his grandfather Cleto.
During his childhood Alessandro, loves to spend his free time in the historical company of his grandfather who begins to explain the various phases of glass processing and the secrets of the trade. To teach him other secrets then, the workers who threw the glass rods.

All this triggered in him the spark that prompted him to attend the state Institute of Art in Venice, specializing in the glass sector and to graduate as Master of Applied Art thus learning all the techniques and types of Venetian glass as well as design it.

When he decided to open his company, Alessandro, unlike his predecessors, decided to expand the production by inserting the typical processing of Venetian light pearls. A production that personally carries out by studying techniques of processing never used and trying to bring out the fusion of glass rods pearls always new from a traditional flavor but at the same time aimed at modernity.
The Costantini Glassbeads by Moretti Alessandro's production, It ranges from the pearls ''conterie'', Venetian pearls produced with the ancient air technique, pearls, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, fashion accessories, fringes or for lampshades, furnishing accessories up to bonbonnieres.


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